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A New Gisaeng Story @ C393 Astro Byond

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Kali nie anne nak posting pasal satu (1) cerita korea yang secara tak sengaja tertengok kat One HD Astro.  Masa tu anne tengah menunggu masa untuk mandi bersiap gi kedai hubby kat Tasik Selatan atau Desa Tasik.  Bosan memilih rancangan tv kat astro pada awal pagi abis secara channel anne tekan tapi tak de yang berkenan dihati....tiba2...bila anne tekan One HD @ C393, terkeluar la tajuk cite "A New Gisaeng Story" terdetik dihati anne.."cite pasal apa agaknya ye..." Bila anne tunggu pelakon-pelakon kluar...hmmmtak der satu pun anne kenal atau cam.  Tapi bila terpandang sorang pelakon pompuan dia....huiiiihhh...cantiknya...kedu jap....tunggu lagi...tengok sinopsis episod masa tu...ohh...baru episod 1.  Sempat lagi nie nak tenguk....abis hantu korea sudah muncul.  Mari kite review sesama yer.

A New Gisaeng Story : Source : (full Credit)

Title: 신기생뎐 / Shin Gisaeng Dyeon / New Tales of Gisaeng
Chinese Title : 新妓生传
Also known as: New Gisaeng Story
Genre: Romance, drama
Episodes: 50
Broadcast network: SBS

Air time: Refer Astro Byond @ C393 


New Tales of Gisaeng depicts the love, sadness and pain of people surrounding a gisaeng house, where only VIPs can enter.

Dan Sa Ran majored in classical dance while attending college. Her mother died when she was still young and her father remarried, bringing with him a new stepsister and a materialistic stepmother whom she has trouble warming up to. Sa Ran comes from a poor family, but she maintains her dignity around friends who come from rich families. Either fate or coincidence brings her together with Da Mo, to whom she feels an instant attraction, but her awareness of her poor background restrains her from voicing it. A head gisaeng at Buyongkak observes Sa Ran’s natural beauty and grace as well as dancing talent, and recommends her to become a gisaeng.

Ah Da Mo takes business administration training at his father’s company. He does not get along with his father, who is indifferent towards his family and only shows affection towards their pet dog. Da Mo is cocky and tends to look down on women, but begins to question his attitude when he meets Sa Ran by chance. He finds himself involuntarily drawn to her, and their relationship begins.

Sa-Ran        Da-Mo           Ra-Ra

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  1. Best ke? I'm not into korean drama so much.

  2. wei anon kt atas you really want to make friend with this women...she used to curse people around...say it foursquare, twitter (if any), anywhere she could log in to. Tgk dlm blog bukan main manis lg ..hai sana hai sini..walhal nan hado.